In order to provide each family with the highest quality experience possible, we offer the following Make-Up Policy. 

  • UNLIMITED make-ups per registered child are offered on a first-come, first served basis each semester.
  • YOU may schedule or CANCEL your makeup using the same process
  • MAKE-UPS must be scheduled by midnight prior to make-up class time..
  • IF you are unable to attend your scheduled make-up, please give others the courtesy and CANCEL your make-up prior to the start of the make-up class.
  • DUE to availability, personal choices and schedules, MMI is unable to guarantee these make-ups each semester.
  • UNUSED make-ups are voided at end of each session

 MusicalMe can not be held responsible for unattended make-ups due to uncontrollable circumstances by either party.

*Canceling your make-up PRIOR to class will not be counted against you and may then be re-scheduled during the current session.