Making the most of your CD, Music and Songbooks

How do you use your songbook at home?  If you're looking for more ideas, watch this video for some fun activities you can try with your children.

You have received two (identical) CDs.  Why two?  so that your child can have maximum exposure to the music: perhaps leave one CD in the car and use the other at home where you can dance with your child, bounce them on your lap and have the invaluable eye contact and movement that are so restricted in a driving situation.  Need the music in digital format?  Find it at the Family Music Zone.

Singing and Dancing: Excercise for your Brain.  When you and your child are singing and dancing in your Music Together® class, did you know that you are exercising many of the most important parts of your brain?  In particular, recent advancements in brain research present some strong evidence that active music participation can help develop the areas in the brain involved with language, reading, and processing of speech.  This is especially true during early childhood, when the brain is already rapidly developing through experience, and it may lead to some surprising benefits for your child.

MusicalMe, Inc offers the research-based, internationally acclaimed music programs. Music Together - the best music classes for babies, toddlers, preschoolers and the adults who love them. Canta y Baila Conmigo®- it is a unique curriculum with dual, complimentary goals of music education and lauguage immersion. MusicalMe, Inc has music classes for young children in Santa Cruz, Santa Clara and Monterey counties. Music Together is the perfect mommy and me, daddy and me or a loved adult and me class for young children ages Birth to 6 years old.